Bring Your Heart - Oil

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"Bring Your Heart" fragrance oil is a soulful, embracing blend that speaks to the heart. It opens with the rich, earthy aroma of palo santo wood, evoking the ancient ritual of smudging, where its sacred smoke cleanses and purifies the space, creating a sanctuary of peace and tranquility.

The heart of the fragrance gently unfolds into the comforting embrace of warm amber. This middle note is like a soft, glowing ember in a twilight fireplace, radiating a deep, soothing warmth that wraps around you like a cherished blanket on a cool evening.

Completing the journey, the scent settles into the understated elegance of soft musk. This base note is reminiscent of a gentle, lingering embrace, leaving an imprint of serenity and calm. "Bring Your Heart" is more than a fragrance; it's a whispered secret, a reminder of quiet moments of introspection and inner peace


Top Notes: Woody

Mid Notes: Amber

Base Notes: Soft Musk

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