Feels Like Heaven - Oil

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"Feels Like Heaven" fragrance oil is a serene woodland escape in a bottle. Opening with fresh green, citrus, and fruity notes, it instantly evokes the crisp air of a dawn forest hike. The heart gently blooms with jasmine, rose, and lily of the valley, mirroring the understated elegance of wildflowers nestled in a hidden glade. As it settles, a rich base of wood, musk, and a hint of vanilla emerges, reminiscent of ancient trees and earthy paths, warmed by a soft, sweet whisper of the forest at dusk. This fragrance is an invitation to a peaceful, earthy journey, perfect for moments of relaxation and reflection.



Top Notes: Green, Citrus, Fruit

Mid Notes: Jasmine, Rose

Base Notes: Wood, Musk, Vanilla

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