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"Easy Conversation" fragrance oil is a bold, invigorating blend that captures the essence of confidence and vitality. It begins with a refreshing burst of fir, lemon, and orange, reminiscent of a brisk walk through a sunlit forest, where the air is filled with the crisp, uplifting scents of evergreens and citrus groves.

The heart of the fragrance unfolds with a harmonious blend of rosemary, jasmine, and lily-of-the-valley. This combination evokes the feeling of a flourishing herb garden in the morning dew, intermingled with delicate floral whispers that add a touch of softness and sophistication.

As it settles, "Easy Conversation" is anchored by the deep, earthy notes of musk and vetiver, conjuring images of a serene, ancient woodland. The inclusion of Brazilian rosewood adds a layer of rich, woody complexity, reminiscent of a refined, timeless elegance. This fragrance is a celebration of strength and natural beauty, perfect for those who seek a scent that is as dynamic and spirited as they are.



Top Notes: Fir, Lemon, Orange

Mid Notes: Jasmine, Lily-Of-The-Valley

Base Notes: Musk, Vetiver, Brazilian Rosewood

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